Re: catch 2000 catch non for me!??

captain Brandon!!
havent had a chance to fish lately.. started a new job with a company called Wackenhut… Its transportation!! a great opportunity for a recent grad like me!! but all is well.. the first meetin with the wardens didnt go as planned! a little thing calld nerves got the best of me!! but imma apply again when the time comes and go into the meeting with alot more confidence! hey im 23.. still got alot of time!! looking forward to some days off to hit the water! hows the fishin been lately.. still a steady bite out there!! REALLY lookin to get a boat and wrote a lil deal bout a scooter! but my parentals arent too content with that route.. need to look another direction.. if u have any suggestions let me know! thanks alot! deucen! fish hard!!