Re: catch 2000 catch non for me!??

First thing people have to understand the salinity level in the lower Laguna Madre is higher than the Gulf! With that being said most times a Catch 2000 right out of the box will float or sink extremely slow., this due to the high salinity. A trick I use:  I change the hooks out to a heavier shank but the same size. This adds a little more weight making them sink slowly. I usually have 3 – 2000’s the same color but with 3 different hook sizes, this affords me the ability to suspend them at different water depths depending on where I find the fish holding.
Another trick is I turn the eye of the lure horizontal and add a split ring; this gives the bait another action depending on your retrieve. High rod tip to bring it up to the surface or flat tip suspends it mid depth.
As far as retrieve I usually try varied retrieves fast to slow and let the fish tell me what they want.
Hope this helps with your use of the 2000. If you have additional questions feel free to call me or stop by anytime your in port.
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