Re: Debris from Dolly


Most of the west shore line is ok, just be careful north of the sunk barge on the East cut. About ¼ mile north is: TWO pieces of debris. Both are marked but not very well. One is a wood structure the other is a steel frame. One is marked with PVC the other steel piles.
You guys have a great trip, but PLEASE release those big trout so we can keep the bay on a path to her former glory. That of course unless to get you a real trophy and want to mount it. Good possibility! As far as colors, light colors on clear days and dark colors on cloudy days.
Just don’t get in a hurry, does not take long to get 5 trout. We have our guests who want to keep trout, keep 4 then wait until later in the day and take their 5th. This:in case you kill one. We are also bending all our barbs down on jig heads and using single hooks on our top waters. It’s a hoot to catch 17 to 22 inch trout all day.
Make sure you have all your safety equipment , Game Wardens are on the the water everyday. The tickets are flying on double dippers and over limits.
Stop by when you get to town and I’ll give you a heads up on what’s working the best and areas.