Re: First Timer Goes to Port Mansfield

Putawaywet's Advice is spot on.

I always recommend newbies to learn the East Cut and the North Shoreline first.  Fewer obstacles, more traffic (for breakdowns and possible trouble), and a lot easier to learn, not to mention shallower.

I also recommend going to Academy, or I think Rip at Hook Line & Sinker in Harlingen carries them as well, and buying a HotSpot map.  They are easy to spot. JR Ellis of Port Isabel is on the front with a nice trout and a pair of oh so sexy 1980's hip waders.

Other than that, it is just time on the water.  For help reading the water, check out my article in the May edition of Shallow Water Angler Magazine…it was about reading structure on a structureless flat such as ours.

Until then, good luck and keep us posted on your success!