Re: First Timer Goes to Port Mansfield

I can't say where the fish are right now because I haven't been down in nearly a year but a couple of tips would be-
Start off learning north of the harbor mouth. This gives you a massive area of deep and shallow water with a lot less surprises than south. You can run east behind the island on the north side of the channel. The bottom comes up gradually and is a firm comfortable wade. Don't run too shallow to avoid tearing up the bottom and spooking fish. Also don't try to bolt into or out of the channel as there is a sandbar that runs along the north side and goes pretty far into the bay.
The middle (along the intercoastal) is 'fairly' deep and obstruction free.
The north shoreline has a lot off grass and varying depths. Don't run right against the shore and be courteous off wadefishermen and those already on a set drift.
South is a little trickier. Lots of very shallow water, sanbars, obstructions and guts.
I learned the area by a lifetime of running into stuff, getting stuck and breaking down. ::)
Take your time to learn the area and enjoy it's beauty.
Good luck!