Re: Fisheries Improvement or Rose Colored Glasses???

Hey Bruce,
That's great to hear about the improvement in the age class structure of the LLM trout population in such a short time.  I wonder what formulas/equations the biologists use to predict the results of a significant change in regulations.  I can't imagine what can happen if the croaker issue is addressed in a manner that puts trophy trout first, guides second and bait operators last.  Let me know if there are any TPWD hearings scheduled on this subject as I would make every effort to attend.  How was your peacock bass trip?  Maybe you could post a report in the freshwater section of the site with some photos?  Glad to hear that things are going well with Capt. Sally–I fished with her and my daughter in Rockport last October and had a great day.  My daughter really likes Sally, got a huge tan/sunburn and caught more fish than I did!  Question:  will the women's retreat completely book the lodge or would there be the possibility of my dad and I staying there and fishing if my daughter and mom participated in the retreat?  Have y'all had any snook action this year?  Some friends invited me to fish with Ernest Cisneros in June–I met him at a show in the past year and he seems like a decent guy.  I imagine Brandon is chomping at the bit to be back on the water full-time–what are his dates of full-time duty this year?  Good to hear about the trout and good fishing to you.  Oh yeah, my son, Ben,  just returned from Iraq and I have told him about your offer for a fishing trip.  I will find out when he wants to come down there–it will be after he completes his duty as an assitant recruter thru May 16, I believe.

my best to you, Shirley and Brandon,
Wes Pullen