Re: Fishing Skinny Water

Damn Roam,

How do I answer that question without writing a book?  I will try to hit the highlights for you.

1.  Easiest way is to look for working birds.  Do not be fooled by the little terns, liar birds, just flitting about the surface and flying parallel to the shore line.  Look for the black, grey and white gulls hovering stationary over a particular spot.  Stop and wait and watch for what they are feeding on.  Look for small shrimp scattering beneath them and then watch for the tails.  We are getting on the back end of the tailing trout season; however, if you see black rounded tails that is trout.  The clear oragne and blue tinged tails that look like little sails from a boat…well toss something in and check it out.

2.  Bait is essential here…if you are not throwing a fly be careful.  a fly can be delivered with a much gentler presentation than a spoon or a plastic.  I differ from most guides on this matter though…do not through to the left or the right or behind the pod.  Throw right in the middle of them.  If your bait is spooking the fish…guess what, your throwing to large of a bait.  I have clients throw the lightest spoon, silver or gold, they can cast or a take a 1/16 jig head and cut the body off the soft plastic and just throw the tail or the back 1/3 of the bait.  look at the bait they are feeding on to determine how much to cut off.  Be careful not to line the lead fish.

3.  ALWAYS APPROACH DOWNWIND!!! and be quiet…go barefoot if you are in knee deep or shallower…I have seen to many bootie sucks and splashes spook a pod due to carelessness and clumbsiness.

Good luck man and let us know how it goes.