Re: Getaway TV Schedule

Thanks for the cudo's , but sometimes we just don't know when they will be airing the shows we shoot. I will try to get a schedule from them and get it posted. I do know, currently we have shows airing with Allen Warren, Keith Warren, Shallow Water Angler, C.S.&E.T.V. and Big Waters Adventures.
My current report details a show we just shot with Big Water Adventures, I do know Mark said it will be airing late April, I will get the date and post. I feel this show will be one of the best we have shot todate, due to the fact both the larger fish went back to TPWD hatchery for restocking purposes.
We do appreciate everyones continued support of our forum. I just wish I could post everyday but, I just am TOO!!! OLD to fish everyday and post on the computer every night.