Re: Inshore Fishing South of the Border

Lesh, I can remember when your dad's dad went down there…came back with some incredible stories.  Tried to get my dad to go down there with him but never worked out.  The area dow tthere, perhaps not the one that Bruce is describing was called 5th and 6 th pass.  I am guessing it was named that as  the number sequenced inlets from the rio grande.  Guy by the name of ray fiveash used to run a camp down there,  had to run a amphiibous duck to get across some of the passes.  He had a second down  here name PoPo Flores or something like that.  Allegedly made great cuba libra's!!  Joe Doggest used to write about it  in the Houston Chronicle.  It was a prmiitive camp so may not be the same one as the other gentlemen mentioned as I thought  it was right on the beach…but I do recall the name  Le Pesca so could be one in the same.  Pictures that were posted in the Chronicle after one of doggets trips showed beach on one and bay on the other

Bruce, look forward to your report, I had heard that Fiveash suffered a horrible airboat accident down there with the son of on eof the charters and gave it up …also was experiencing some issues with not so friendly folks and also the netting was showing up.  Distance from electricty could mean that your spot is better off and as you say to far  away to attrack netters.  Wonder if mamma getaway would like the south of border location…I know she is pretty flexible but that may be a little to far south!! 😮

Still trying to get down there for my spring trip…really looking grim….really bums me out…fishing once a year sucks…. I may have to stay 2 weeks this fall to make up for it!!