Re: Looking to find a place to stay on the land cut

I don't know of anyone out of Port Mansfield that has houses on the cut for rent. You might try Capt Carl ,            he has a number he rents. One reminder if you plan on staying in the cut remember you can't bring more than 5 trout back south thru the cut. Total bag limit is 5, does not matter if you stay there 1 or 5 days you can only have 5 trout in  your box when coming back south. The cut off line is Marker 21 south end of cut. The best land mark is the first ditch running to the east going north into the cut. If you want to stay up there longer than one day I suggest you launch from Baffin and return there limits are more liberal. Tell Capt. Carl, Capt. Bruce from Port Mansfield referred you. He runs a good operation.