Re: New to Wading

Papa Rey

Congratulations on taking the next step and diving in…jjust rememer to dive flat in the LLM not deep enough for a graceful swan dive…more live a race dive start…any way I digress.  I would recommend a few things….If you have been a bait slinger and making the transition I would start with Berkley Gulp (Colors: New Penny, Texas Chicken, Drunken Monkey, and the Limetruese Tiger)  I prefer the jerk bait style…dad and teddy prefer the shrimp tails.  You will have more action and learn how to get the feel for subtle and short strikes.  Moreover….If you are having a hard time even feeling those, try rigging them under a Mansfield Mauler.  Basically a popping cork.  Popping the cork gives the ait a 'shrimp' like action and the noise created by the mauler draws extra attention upwards.

After mastering the mauler and learning feel on the gulp start experimenting.  Almost every guide I know really only uses three colors, and no across the board panacea, colors are very dependent on guide preference.  Just adhere to the simple method lighter colors in clearer water and darker in muddy water.  My three colors are Avocado and White for clear, rootbeer for mid color, and black and chartruese for turbid water. 

Experiment with jig weights and a s you get more comfortable with lighter weights you will find your fishing will take off.  I really would not go more than a 1/4 ounce or you will find yourself  in the grass.  I personally throw a 1/16 onuce exclusively and slow my retrieve to get deeper…but that's me.  Use the wind and rod to your advantage and with that said….get rid of those 7 foot bait chunkers and get a good 6 foot to 6'5″.  All-Star Makes a great rod and so does Waterloo…both not very cheap but excellent rods with good warranty programs.

Good luck, thanks for the question and ask some more…that's what this forum is for!