Re: Official Word on East Cut Dredging

Brandon, this is a lot of hard work on your part to secure sometthing of value for all of us.  We should all be able to chip in and come up with some idea each in our own network of fisherman and locations, much like hygridgrills has commented on.  Mandy is working on some free SWA tickets for raffle so we should be able to get something going to support the area.  Like I shared with you last week, it would be a shame to fix the catch limits only to have the bay go sour due to lack of good water exchange. 

Enjoyed our discussions and the visit to the lodge last week, had a great time with my family, at least part of the family, catching some solid fish.  As I shared with your dad, I am a new convert and true believer of the Gulp line of baits, it matched and sometimes out did the live shrimp that I have used the past 35 years while fishing PM. 

I do need a favor thought, I left a orange and yellow life jacket strapped to the railing by your boats under the shed. Also, I left a bass pro shops plastic bag with about 4-5 airators in it on the doc.  If you or your dad could put them somewhere with my name on it I would appreciiate it.  I guess it was sort of an omen to leave the airators since I am out of the live shrimp business!  Anyway, appreciate watching out for those until my next trip.

Keep the info coming!