Re: Port Mansfield 8/26-27

You are not crazy, TX Chicken.  Redfish makes some of the absolute best  ceviche.  The consistency of the meat makes it great for this.  Also, one time I was in New Orleans (before Katrina) and had brunch at the Commander's Pallace (of Paul Prudhome and Brennan's fame).  They had a cold uncooked redfish salad that still makes my mouth water every time I think about it.  I'll have to try and find a recipe.  If so, I'll post it.

We'll be down there this Thurs-Monday Sept 6 -10 trying to go offshore.  They just changed the forecast to 3-5 ft even though it looks like we're going to duck Felix.  Sure hope it lays down.  We're in a deep 21' and don't intentionally go out in 3-5's.  Just getting too danged old to take the beating.  We may drop by and ask for a little assistance with some LLM help if the seas are indeed big if you don't mind.