Re: recent tourney

I also had a blast this past weekend.  My brother, brother in-law, and a few buddies entered and we will make this a yearly get away.  We managed a few reds and trouts.  None were big enough for the tourney, but big enough for the fryer.  Enjoyed the free food and beer and since i grew up in Raymondville, I ran into some buddies of mine.  This was our first fishing tourney, so we were a bunch of rookies and we heard all kinds of tournament fishing stories and it was sad or should i say it sucked to hear that  lots of cheating goes on, such as people fishing days earlier and fish being stuffed with all kinds of stuff (weights, sand, ice, cut bait, etc.)  If so, these fisherman, if caught should be banned.  Anyways, It was my first and definitely not my last tournament