Re: red tide

Looks like we missed the worst of the Red Tide. ( Port Mansfield ) Most of the dead fish we have seen have been around the East Cut. I have been on the water everyday for the past few weeks and fishing is still very good for us up here. Some of our best days have been south from Bennies on! I purposely fished in and around the cut two days ago to see if there were any effects, could see reds and a few trout but they would not eat.  Fished north the next day and found cooperating fish there as well. I think if I was going to fish here I would still give the East Cut a pass for a few more days and either fish north or south. It seems the guys around Brownsville and Padre and the beach front got the worst of it.
I will post a fishing report on the site later today or tomorrow along with pictures. Unless we get a BIG INCOMING TIDE I think we should be all right. Speaking with TPWD the kill was far worst on the southern end but that area should rebound quickly. Just Mother Nature doing her thing!