Re: Red Tide

As of today it looks as if we have been spared the brunt of the effects. Yesterday I ran from P.M. along the west bank to the land cut and saw no evidence of the effects but on my return I ran the east side and yes there was evidence of the effects from the Weather Station back to the east cut. We have seen very few game fish dead; most have been mullet, hard heads and trash fish.
Most of the dead fish have been in and around the east cut. We have had high tides the last few weeks and during the worst bloom we had the bay dump which helped to keep the worse effects along the beach front. With the approaching norther we hope it will continue to push it along the beach front south.
Unless we got a really big in coming tide I think we will not have as bad of kill. I will keep you and everyone posted. Lets all hope this norther pushes it further south.
I’ll post a fishing report later, but the fishing has been excellent. As I have not been fishing around the east cut I can’t say if it has affected that area.
QUESTION? When are you coming down in Dec., give me a call.