Re: South of Benny’s Shack near Saucer area!!!

Wow. sounds like tons of fun.  Dad and I were out at Port Mansfield that same day; had everything planned out– was going to drift same area, or so I think (the whole saucer area) I had my map all hi-lited and stuff.    We get there only to find out there was no live shrimp. Dad says “[i]no ay mas[/i] lets go to the island”. ???  I was thinking, like what do you mean I just recently loaded my tackle box with all kinds of lures that I've bought recently mainly from reading from post and magazines…however  Being that I have not  proved to my dad that we can catch fish on lures– that and last time we were out in port mansfield for the first time on a boat without live shrimp we didn't catch but catfish and a few whiting-  I had not much to say to my defense…. we ended up going to port isabel.

3 hours after having left home we finally made it to the water. Fished along the icw near the bridge. moved over and  drifted the along the holy beach – stover point area.  We managed to get like 10 fish total (2 cats and 2 lady fish and some baby baby trout) with only 4 of them being keepers trouts (none over 20).  little before sunset we headed out. another boat at the ramp didn't have a good catch either. Got home checked online for post and “wam bam thank you ma'am”.. That was enough to get my mind going with what if's— Couldn't sleep—- we could have had a blast.  Guess that can happen if one does not stick to plan.  Wind looking kind of naughty for friday sat, guess i'll have to wait to head that way. Hopefully next week.

Congrats and thanks for post.