Re: Tackle… Storage


try the Simms Dry Creek Bag.  I love mine and it is completely waterproof.  I have lost it over board twice and found it floating safely before getting reeled back in.  It is pricy but it is the last dry bag you will have to buy.  As far as the 'worm' bags, I completely disagree with dad and Trichel, love you guys but come on, take a walk down the shoreline on any given day and look at all the 'worm' bags that invariably got away from their owner.  Once plastic is created, it is never destroyed and will remain in the wild longer than we will.  I like to use permanent bags like the photos I have attached.  I picked my Okuma bag up for I think 9 dollars at Academy and i have been using it for three seasons now.  Stores nicely under a boat cushion or alongside your hard plastic storage bins.  Best part; it floats too.

Good luck and hug a tree  😉