Re: Tackle… Storage

Agree with Brandon and actaully have a Plano bag with the zip locks organized just as his photo shows…I keep my GULP's and soft plastics in there since I no longer am a “POT LICKER”  as the senior Capt from the getaway implies.  I have not seen the waterproof Simms product but will definetely take a look.  On my wade jacket I have two water proof pockets for the lures boxes, but I may need to inspect another method if I am to carry some soft plastics while wading.  I know it makes since to be prepared for whatever they want but you reach  a point around carrying tackle that you may as well drift so you can keep it all at hand!!  Just kidding,  I also kow that  wadding in weather when you do not need a water proof parka is also a reality, like in the spring when the temps heat up . So, good suggestions from all…besides it gives me a reason to go look for more tackle!!

Bruce, I have the fever so bad I have been looking at my old pictures and reliving all of the fun just to keep me from going crazy.  It is looking like my girls want a spring trip so we will be contacting you for a April-May date most likely. But, I would really like to slip down there for 2-3 day big trout wade trip.  Will be trying to work that one in for an extended weekend mide to late March and check with the leshers to see if they are up to it. 

Will be calling when I have more details.