Well I guess it’s the OLD MANS TURN!
I let the wind and the bait dictate top waters I choose to use.

I always use a dark color on cloudy days and when the water is off color. 
Clear days I will use lighter colors, and when in clear water.

Now the important factor: I judge my bait size upon is wind speed.
On calm days: I am going to throw a SMALL top Water. Be it light or dark.
Windy days: Larger baits, light or dark.

Night wades its going to be ALL DARK!

If the available bait is mullet or shad I am going to throw a bait equal in size to the bait I see. Only I will up size in windy conditions.

My favorite baits are:
She Dogs
Skittle Walk
Spook Jrs. ( Favorite)
Bomber Long “A” 3” on super calm days (Favorite)

Another trick. I add a split ring to the nose of all my top waters. Baits like Top Dogs I turn the front eye Horizontal to the water before I add a split ring. Baits with a wire front eye or fixed I just add a split ring. I feel the bait works better utilizing them. If I used a leader I could just tie a loop knot. I use 10 and 12 pound test and just not strong enough to use a loop knot without it wearing the line out quickly.

Hope this answered your question
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