Re: Wading at Night


I would suggest not to night wade on a Holiday weekend or for that matter any weekend.  We have ALOT of night fisherman who fish all night and run all over the bay without lights or proper safety equipment. Poor Game Wardens have their hands full! We only wade at night on Monday thru Thursday, Fridays get a lot of traffic as well. Sometimes on Sunday the traffic is light enough to wade as well.
If you wade at night wear light colored clothes and try to keep your boat close with the anchor light on. I personally wear a mag Hat light along with another light on a lanyard around my neck. This additional light comes in handy if your Hat Light has a problem. It could very well save you from being run over.
Best night stops have been near the ICW with shallow flats close by.
Sorry for the late response been on the water continually, we will get new photos and reports posted soon. Stop by when you’re in town and we will be happy to give you a heads up where we have been having our best luck.
Thanks for using our forum.
Capt. Bruce W. Shuler