Re: What Happened!!!

Sorry for the late reply, with Capt. Brandon in La. covering the Oil Spill I’m doing double duty. Kid is working non stop, don’t know if you saw him he was on CBS news last night with Jeff Corwin discussing what’s going on. Everyone please say a prayer for our friends in La. and the adjoining states, they are in for a really hard time.
Now back to your question:
The fish are still there but with all the suspended silt left over from the dredging operations this past winter it’s going to take a little time for it to settle out. Just change your tactics for dealing with the off colored water.
Go to darker baits and darker top waters fished much slower than usual, this to give the fish time to find the bait and hone in on the sound.
A lot of birds are working over reds now so don’t pass up any flocks in shallow water. Most of the birds out in deep water working are over smaller school trout.
If you have any other questions feel free to call and I will fill you in on what’s working.