September 05, 2006 — Up For Air?

Big Breathe! 

That's much better.  We took a well deserved long Labor Day weekend off to catch up with old correspondences, boat repairs, body repairs (to ourselves), and generally catch up with Lodge business and maintenance.  After three hard months of summer time fishing, our favorite time of year is here.  To say there is not already a marked difference in the fall lighting, I would be amiss.  The fish should be responding accordingly soon.  I can already feel the tight lines now.  Not to mention, we do not have to drink 2 gallons of water to remain hydrated.

As we approach the hunting seasons, we have a few available Cast & Blast Dates mid-week available and we have 3 more Bucks left to sell.  Imagine a 139+ B&C hunt for $2750!!!  If you are interested in either one give us a call soon.  956.944.4000.

As for the fishing, FISH ON!!!  From offshore to inshore the fish are going off.  We are catching a number of really good trout up to 7.5 pounds and reds are absolutely everywhere when boat traffic is abated.  Basically we are seeing great fishing Monday thru Thursday and then the armada fires up all over the bay forcing the fish into out of the way hideouts.  Remember, just because your boat can run shallow, does not mean you should always run the bank and accepted fishing areas, remember the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I know if I snaked someone's fishing hole I would expect a Top Dog across the back of the head!  Fair warning I would say.  Look for reds in thigh to ankle deep water on sand.  Top water bite has been extremely strong up to the dry water mark.  Trout still holding deep in the afternoon and big girls up shallow early morning.

Offshore has been spectacular!!!  Limits of Red Snapper Daily!  Black fin are holding in roughly 150 feet of water about 30 to 50 feet down to be chummed up easily with a few yellow fin deeper at 60 to 80 feet down.  Also, with a slow start to the tarpon season with very little ladyfish around, Sunday looked to brighten things up a bit.  Look for some Tarpon picks soon and a quest for some bigger monsters on fly to follow. 

Small house note, look for a new and improved website to come on-line in a few weeks with more interactivity and more navigable construction.  If you have any suggestions or comments please forward to me ASAP so we can make a great website for you guys.  Look forward to the responses!