September 15, 2006 — Christmas for Fisherman

I have noticed I have been walking around humming the tune of 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas' the last few days and wondering why.  I finally figured it out over the last  few days while wading the bay.  The next few weeks are the best the lower Laguna Madre has to offer and fishing this time of year is absolutely on fire.  The Autumn Light is already evident in the air, the water is a little cooler, we are starting to see a few fronts push in from the north, and the wind just has that feeling.

Inshore fishing has really seen a turn on in the last few days.  I have seen a number of big schools of Jacks migrating in from the gulf trough the East Cut and the reds are staging at the jetty entrance and along the deep channels to start their migrations out of the Laguna.  Trout are still holding shallow and we are landing a number of decent sized girls.  Still look for them in out of the way hideouts and along the grass edges north.  Flounder should be in fluxing into the Cut any day now and should offer some great catching and gigging opportunities.

Offshore remains and is ready to get even hotter.  look for some wild photos in the next couple of weeks as Yellow Fin should be coming in close.  We have been catching a ton of cobia, snapper and king fish.  We are landing a :LOT of Black Fin and a few big eye.  As the upcoming cold front approaches and the water reciprocates, we should see the Tuna bite and Tarpon take off.  We will keep you posted.

As fall wanes, Dad and Teddy will be changing focus to more of the hunting aspect of our operations.  We still have a couple of mid week cast & blast dates open and roughly 2 to 5 bucks left to harvest.  Contact us ASAP to book your B&C or management hunt soon.  956.944.4000.

Here's to Six weeks of hardcore fishing!!!!