September 29, 2003 — North, South, East and West

The last two weeks we have had winds from every direction, along with RAIN, RAIN and some more rain. The rain along with fall high tides, is keeping the bay one-foot and more above normal. A lot of our trout fishing is in deep water and has resulted in some drifting or NECK DEEP wading. The trout continue to hold in 5 feet of water along the outside edge of the grass. We do have some movement into shallower water during the day. Red and white, Red Killers along with Bone T.T.K. have been our go to bait. When the floating grass allows small top waters have been effective. Our catch rates continue to be one keeper out of 20 fish, please use care when releasing these small fish. The highlight of last weekend’s trips resulted in a number of trout in excess of 24″. Note all these fish were released. Our best presentation for trout is the use of a 1/8 oz. jig head fished just over the top of the grass. If you catch a fish stay in that area and work it thoroughly. We are seeing the fish schooling tightly.

Red fish continue to hold in 1 to 3 feet of water and actively taking T.T.K. and small top waters. One group of fly fisherman had good luck on mid slot reds along with a number of trout.

The front approaching this week should help lower our water temperature and result in the start of our fall feeding frenzy. The rains recently have helped lower the temperature into the low 80’s. Watch out when we get to the magical 70s. With hunting season going on and school back in secession our traffic on the water is substantially lower and now is the time to look for our reds to pile up on the north and south flats.

Note: with dove season in full swing our hunts to date have been excellent with limits for those with a good eye.