September 30, 2004 — DEEP , DEEP and DEEPERRRR!!!

Our fall tides coupled with the storms going into Florida had our bay system 1 to 2 feet above normal. Prior to the high water our fishing could only be rated EXCELLENT! The additional high tides have scattered our trout and resulted in somewhat tougher conditions. After spending a couple of days we finally figured them out and have our fishing back to above average. Look for the water to start back out in Oct. and the fishing to break wide open.

This month we had guests catch their all time best trout and red fish. Our top water bite has been consistent on trout and reds. Small top waters, Spook Jr. Bone, Chrome and blue along with Spiting Images have been the colors of choice. We continue to fish the grass edges mostly North of the Port for trout and reds South of town.

With our water temperature now in the low 80’s look for the action to break lose when we hit the magic 70’s

One note I would like to personally thank Dr. Chris for his 28 ½ trout he caught (His all-time largest) and releasing her. These types of anglers will assure our Grand children the opportunity to catch and release a 30″ plus. We have had 5 anglers this month catch their all time largest trout and redfish and then release them. Way to go!!!!! Don’t get me wrong many fillets have been taken home to be enjoyed. It has been nice to see a number of 27″ plus trout caught this month, I can hardly wait until the magic 70’s. All our guide staff feels this may be the best fall we have had in a number of years.

As far as Oct. fishing, look for the fish to turn on especially the trout in 2 to 3 foot of water in the sand pockets in large grass beds. Unless we have a lot of cool fronts the trout will continue to hold in this type of structure. If we do get cooler weather early, watch for them to stage next to the ICW on softer bottoms. My bait of choice will be Spook jrs. In their new color Chartreuse with a black head. It may be hard to find but well worth the time. Also my second choice will be Spook Jr. in Black head and chartreuse with gold mirror finish. New color also.

The soft plastic bait I am personally sold on is Riversides= Mystic Shad in Fire Tiger and red fish color. I am throwing them on 1/8 oz. Jig heads fished just above the grass. Work the edges of potholes and if you catch a trout throw back to the spot as we have been catching 2 to 5 good fish from the same potholes. This pattern will hold until the water temperature gets into the lower 70’s.

Our reds continue on hold south of town and especially the north and south flats adjacent to the east cut. We are catching numerous oversized reds. As usual a gold spoon and small top waters in chartreuse are taking most of the reds.

For guests who know T.D. (Top Dog) yes he is working his BUTT off retrieving doves. Our Cast and Blasts have been excellent with near limits for all. But don’t worry there are plenty of miracle birds flying around dead after being shot. We have very limited space left for dove season but if your interested give us a call. (We have no availability on weekends) but could handle a limited number during the week.