Silver Rush — August 20, 2007

Absolutely stellar!  Ted, Dad, and I have chased tarpon halfway around the world but sometimes, as the story goes, heaven is in your backyard.  The last two weeks have been absolutely WORLD CLASS. From fly to even topwater, the tarpon have come home.  Dad was the first to find them in mass numbers.  But let me outline the story.

I am going to start teaching this year; teaching is a calling that has been shouting in my ear for a few years now and when you can guide full time and get to mold young and influential minds at the same time…can’t be all bad.  Well, I had just returned from a new teacher orientation and finding dad in his normal perch in the tackle room I am greeted with, “OK, what would you call a world class day of tarpon fishing?”

For those of you who read the reports frequently, you understand my undying obsession with the silver ones.

“I dunno! Maybe jumping 8 to 10 a day and landing a couple” I stammer already feeling the trap I am falling into.

“Try 15 and landing 3” Dad grins!
“No way” I shout ready to hit the poons.  But, in typical dad fashion, “You have snapper trips the next 4 days”

Is it true you can have kids and treat them as indentured servants?  Poop rolls down hill?  Or the intense father son competition?

Apparently, Yes, Yes, and Hell Yes!

Before Erin swept us with a glancing wet blow, I think the total number of tarpon jumped over a 5 day period was some where upward of 60 and I think 12 landed.  The beauty of it was a 13 year old girl, 12 year old boy, and a sometimes act like a ten year old boy, Chris  all landed their first tarpon.  Moreover, JT, a 15 year old, lands a 14 pound snapper one day and then follows it by landing his first kingfish, 25#, and then a tarpon.  He wants to deckhand next summer.  Do I smell an obsession in the making?

Bull reds are still hammering it; we have had a number of 30 + and 40+ inch fish landing on a regular basis and great numbers of trout.  Ted caught a 29 inch sow trout yesterday and is starting this year off as great as last season.  Look for some hog trout this winter and book soon.  Remember, we had a number of 10# + fish last year.  We are expecting a better season due to the upcoming reg changes.  And as some many apotheosized, with our limits going to a mere 5 fish possession and the number of folks fleeing fishing since they can only keep so few, there should be little pressure on the bay this year and just be totally game on.

As the summer season starts to wind down, we look forward to the more comfortable winter climes and bigger trout.  Also, for a fun father son project, and we all know how that goes, more son than father, Dad and I are writing a book on Texas Trophy Trout Techniques.  We will keep you posted and heaven help me survive through the process. 

Remember Regulations change at midnight on the 31st!

Foot note: Was actually Capt. Steven who first found the poons. Edited by Capt. Bruce: