Sometimes Seeing Red Ain’t a Bad Thing — March 1, 2012

How can you explain catching 30” to 40” reds in the bay during the winter? Seems the last month we have had days where we are catching numbers of oversized reds. Largest to date a 49” 25 pound plus. After talking with biologists the only logical explanation is last fall when the reds should have made their run to the gulf we had a BAD outbreak of red tide along the beach front. Could be the reds sensed the red tide and just stayed in the bay. This change has made for some real nail biting fights trying not to get spooled when hooking these monsters on light tackle. Enough about the salt water grass carp, now to the big trout stories.

The last month has seen numbers of guest breaking and catching their personal best. One of the best was just recently caught by Rick of 4F Fishing Club,  30 1/2” weighing in at 8 plus pounds. Yes she is going on his wall.

We continue to catch numerous 27” plus and look for them to continue. Sad thing our water continues to go from the 60’s to 70’s weekly. Poor trout don’t know if its winter spring or fall. We are catching fish in winter and spring time locations. Lots of top water action!

Remember to keep the little ones (They eat better) and release the big mommas to pass on their genes.