South of Benny’s Shack near Saucer area!!!

My friend and i just had a great begining of a week. We went out and hit our limit of speckled trout!! We started off by anchoring in around the first white pole just south east of Benny's shack. And didnt do so good so we decided to drift and wam bam thank you ma'am and it was “fish on” for the next 6 hours. We hooked about 40 trout and a few flounder but only kept the keepersof course. We started around 7:30 in the a.m, and continued on till we got burnt andcouldnt find any reds. Thats what we were really looking for. We used Gilp new penny and Nuclear Chicken and a root beer cocohoa as bait. There were several other boats out just didnt seem to have our luck I guess they cam in empty handed when we met them at the dock. Well to each its own. I hope this helps anyone out there wanting to go fishing…we had a blast.

E.Rivas and C Cruz
Raymondville, Texas
“Keep R Wet”