Sow Trout Calling … — November 11, 2007

With the kid in the corp. world, I guess you’ll have to deal with my single syllable worded fishing reports. I’ll keep the words on a sixth grade level, easier for me to type and not have to use spell check as much.
Well folks looks like it’s about to start. The last two weeks we have caught 4 fish above 27”. One – 27”, two 28” and one 29” at about 7#. Sorry I did not have my boga with me. Looks like it will be my companion from now on. Pictures should be posted in the next few days.
Our fishing the last two weeks is one of THE good and the bad! Our last group had Capt. Pete stop and step into them with limits of trout on the first wade, and Capt. Mitch anchoring 200 yards away and catching 2 keepers. The fish are really ganged up chasing the shrimp coming out of the slough. If you find birds working or sitting on the water you best stop, there is trout under them. We are catching them on bone colored plastics and top waters. On another note if anyone finds a BIG TROUT dead with a Pink Skitterwalk stuck in its mouth, please return the bait. I had a client working a pink Skitterwalk and had a HUGH trout take it away. How do you convince BASS FISHERMEN you don’t have to rip the lips off of a trout? It was the largest trout I have seen since early March. Our water temps continue to fluctuate wildly. It went from 86 to 67 over night and now is back to 76 to 78. We need a good cold front to get our water temp down around the low to middle 60’s and GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!
We have been having a little trouble finding reds but I must confess we are chasing trout more than reds. I did get into a couple pods of reds under birds along the west bank, as usual; a rock with a hook was all that was needed to catch them. We caught them on gold spoons and bone plastics. Most fish were in the middle slot 22” to 25”.
As far as offshore JUST BEEN TO DARN ROUGH!!
With our Cast and Blast for doves over its now down to hard core BIG TROUT time. But, first to summarize our dove hunting, it was overall above average, not everyone got limits but most got to shoot plenty.
Now that we have gotten set up to duck hunt we will be posting some duck hunting photos soon.
We still have a few openings in Dec. for big trout chasing trips.