Still TOO OLD to post reports after fishing all day – Feb. 18th 2010

Folks, I know this is a broken record, BUT, I’m just too old to fish all day and sit down and write fishing reports that night.

As a solution if I don’t post reports in a timely manner and you are coming this way to fish: PLEASE feel free to call me any night after 7:30 P.M. and before 9:30 P.M.  956-944-4000 I will be happy to fill you in on what’s happening.

Feb. has been an interesting month with guests catching many of their personal best. Last weekend we had our good friends from 4 F down and I must say our fishing was off! They still managed fish over 7# and one over 6#. An interesting thing was they caught a lot of fish between 3# and 4# but just not a lot of really large trout. Its good to see a strong showing of the larger middle class trout, bodes well for the coming years. I still can’t figure out as we caught numbers of 3 and 4’s WHY couldn’t we get the larger trout to eat.

But!! Come Monday following 4F, I had my 3 buddies from POC come down for a follow up to a good trip they had this time last year.

WELLLL! They weren’t disappointed or should I say most weren’t. Mike (OTIS) L.L.O. the second day catches his personal best 27 1/2 “, 7 ½ # after high fives ten minutes later what does he do: but catches a 29 ½” over 8#. Needless to say he was somewhat hard to live with and both his buddies were going to make him ride back in the back of their truck.

Some additional highlights the last few days were a side by side 7# plus double up with a double 7# release picture.

Our patterns have been our typical winter time pattern, Catch 2000’s fished at a snails pace. Our fish continue to hold on the small 6” plus drop offs next to grass and mud. Chartreuse, redhead white bodies have been the most consistent color patterns. As I always preach you have to fish SLOW, and SLOWER. I can not stress to slow your retrieves down.

We have been catching some Salt Water Grass Carp. (Reds) but they have been a by product while chasing big trout. We should continue these catches of big trout thru early March but as I have posted many times before, ONCE WE GET TO MARCH THE SHORELINE LINE BURNERS SHOW UP and our steady Big Trout bite slows down. Only if those folks would run deep and fish shallow that big trout bite would hold into late March. Make no mistake we still catch plenty of big trout from March on, it’s just we don’t get back to back big fish consistently.

Please keep the little ones and release the big mommas. They taste better.

Capt. Bruce W. Shuler