Summertime Rolls — July 6, 2009

Beside a little blow and a lot rain, the fishing has been stellar.  Pre-Alex, Dad had the folks on some monster trout with a couple over 28 and a decent snook thrown in to boot.  On top of his trout shenanigans and the other guide staff pulling in the trout, Dad managed to put one of our favorite groups on a 93-pound ling, otherwise known as a cobia or lemonfish depending on where you’re from.

The battle lasted a stunningly short hour long, but will be sure to feed the lucky family for a few more than that.  The 93-pounder was twelve pounds short of the Texas all-tackle record, and it is arguably the largest ling we’ve heard of ever caught from a scooter boat.

For you nearshore enthusiast that make up the mosquito fleet, the jacks and kings and bonito are thick.  We’re still waiting for the tarpon to make a concerted return to form, but we’re seeing them and it’s just a matter of days.

Reds are just stupid in their summer languid stupor in the shallows.  Tiny spoons or flies are the best method.  We are even catching a few on Zara puppies.  I’ve watched a few boats right next to mine, with us throwing flies and tearing them up, go fishless while they throw spooks or top dogs in too shallow.  The key in the shallow water is tiny and stealth.

Specks are on the summer pattern.  Look for deep grasslines for the schoolies and numbers.  Look shallow early for the big girls or for potholes and sand.  They should hold this pattern until September or October when the first cold front will send them scurrying for feeding for the winter.

Until then, get your guns ready for dove or duck cast and blasts, and take a kid fishing.