Summertime Rolls — June 21, 2011

With the recent winds our regular near-shore and beachfront action has slowed, but on the lighter wind days the kingfish action has been superb and tarpon are working the beachfront. Unfortunately, we’ve only been able to break the jetties a few times this summer. Look for more pelagic and tarpon action as the summer settles into its hot doldrum, windless mornings. But for now, we’re relishing in the benefits of the reduction to five fish a couple of years ago.

On our windless, or maybe we should say, less windy days, 18-22 inch trout on She-pups and Spook Juniors have been the norm with limits reached early and catch a release the rule for the rest of the day. Black and Silver she pups have been the rage, as well as red and white Spooks. When the winds get up, we drop to the outside grassline and switch to soft plastics in bone and chartreuse. Water conditions have been great, but as the rest of the state is suffering from a horrendous drought, expect salinity levels to rise and fishing to suffer a bit. This drought, however, won’t effect us as negatively as it did in 2005 with the additional pressure of excessive limits placed on the fish.

Reds are reds and holding in normal summer patterns. Look for them on outward moving water/tide along the East Cut and along guts, ditches, and outlets. Gold spoons are proven and slowly worked tops elicit explosive takes in water as shallow as knee-deep. Just make sure when fishing shallow to give the fish a broad lead and not to line them.

If the heat has you stymied or your just looking for an exciting summer read, check out Brandon’s edited edition of Hart Stilwell’s Glory of the Silver King. If you want to know about Texas tarpon fishing in the glory days, check it out.

[url=]Glory of the Silver King[/url]