Thanks and a “Fish’s Opinion”

Bruce, first I want to thank you and the team for putting up with my annual crew on our recent visit before turkey day.  I sincerely appreciate your extra effort in helping me get my motor to and from the shop after dragging it down there for 9.5 hours only to have it blow a pulse pack on my first day.  I really enjoyed the outing with you and my crew.

Second, as you know I have now officially abandoned live shrimp and am now exclusive artificials.  Keeping with that plan on the last trip “we did good” and I honestly think we did not miss a thing by staying with the fake baits.  Although I have always used artificials wading, while floating I have used live shrimp under the popping cork and have caught my fair share of fish in the 50 years I have fished Port M and other locations along the entire Gulf coast.

I wanted to share a little humor with you centered around positioning for the fake bait and live shrimp.  Hope you enjoy the “fish's opinion “on this subject.(attached)  Hope the Get-A-Way team has a great Christmas and Joyous New Year. 

The Trichels