Thanks for the Kudos!!! — April 23, 2007

I really want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have taken the tie to call and congratulate me on the Shallow Water Anger article.  All of your thoughts and support mean the world to me!
So, with the thanks out of the way, how about a fishing report?

What can we say, it's spring…reminds me of the old TV show song…YOU TAKE THE GOOD; YOU TAKE THE BAD; YOU TAKE THEM BOTH AND THEN YOU HAVE…THE FACTS OF LIFE …fishing the lower Laguna Madre in the sweet, sweet winds of spring!  One day the winds on and the fish are tearing it up, the next no wind and no fish.  However, one thing holds true…the weekend warriors are back and the fish have gone deep.  Now nothing against the courteous weekender, but come on…anchoring 100 yards in front of a wade or drift, burning a shoreline when it's baby butt calm…a ittle courtesy and attention and we can al catch fish and do what we are supposed too…enjoy ourselves.  'Nuff said

We have been catching some great fish.  Reds are everywhere and especially podding.  Catching tons on fly, top water, and avocado tails.  You have to love the little morons.  They will eat anything…will tell you exactly where they are at every turn…and will allow you to walk right into them…I LOVE 'EM! ;D

Trout have also been very cooperative over potholes and sand pockets.  Not much on tops…but man, oh man, yellow tails have been the way to go.  I don't mean dark body yellow tail…I mean FULL ON Yellow plastic.  Work them slow…actually almost dragging them across the bottom to get their attention.  Speaking of dragging;  Randy…next time drag those feet…we have the first waking wounded of the year with a whale of pop through waders and pants.  YOU TOOK IT LIKE A MAN!!! 😀

Speaking of tailing reds…this is only the second time I have seen it…we got into a school of tailing reds and TROUT.  You think seeing 20 to 25 inch reds podding is cool…find a school of 18 to 26 inch trout tailing in the middle of a school of like sized reds.  Absolute buck fever.  I do not think I had the anchor set and out before all of us were piling out the boat and htiing 'em hard.  All caught and release!

Look forward to the winds to continue for a couple of more weeks and reds and trout kinda acting like a paranoid wife…other words doing exactly the opposte of what you think they should be doing.    Just remember, the spring grind is almost over and summer is right around the corner!