The Fish Gods Shined on Us Again. — May 24, 2011

What a month!!!! Our fishing continues to get better and better. WHAT WILL NEXT YEAR BE LIKE? 10 years ago maybe!!!!!!
A summary of last month can only be summed up as more and more big trout on TOP WATERS, with lots of big flounder thrown in as a good measure.

In lieu of detailing every big trout we have caught and released Ill leave our photo page “2011” to do the talking. Many of our guests are catching their personal best one day only to break it the next, GOOD FOR BUSINESS. We have not caught trout of this quality this late in the year except 10 to 15 years ago. We have continued to have multiply fish 25” to 29” being caught just about everyday. This is a typical winter time pattern NOT LATE SPRING!

A real bonus has been our flounder fishery has exploded with limit days not being uncommon. Our last two cold years and 5 flounder limit is showing the results.

Trout are being caught on light colored top waters on days the bay is not suffering from 30 MPH winds. On windy days with dirty water we are just switching to larger DARK colored top waters. Find the mullet and the trout as well as reds are under them. Folks not catching fish have to be almost BLIND not to see the mullet schools and fishing under them. PRETTY SIMPLY PATTERN. Please remember what the bay was like three years ago and release those bigger trout to pass on their genes. It’s getting better. ENJOY.

Shirley and I would like to thank all the writers, TV personalities and brand managers who attended our first media event this year. Watch for some OUTSTANDING photos and stories to show up in all the major outdoor publications. Also watch for Cabala’s TV Show featuring Chum Boy and Flounder sparing on the deck catching and releasing quality trout, and arguing WHO is number ONE. LOL Thanks Scotty will be a really good show. Also big thanks to Bill Blodget with Majesty Outdoors TV show for his help.

We would also like to thank, Laguna Rods, Lews reels, ForEverlast products, Egret Tackle, and especially PURE FISHING for their generous contribution of the latest products to display and for the use of all the attendees. Watch for some outstanding Photos displaying BIG TROUT with their respective products.

Our winds are trying to get into summer patterns so watch for Tarpon and King Fish photos to start showing up on our photo page.
If our beach front can only match our bay fishing what a year we have to look forward to!

As always please release the bigger trout and only keep the better eating smaller ones. IT’S GETTING BETTER!!!!!! just ask anyone who has fished here the last few months.