The Fishery

Bruce and Brandon,

Bruce, you talked about the fact that TP&W keeps an eye on operations that consistently post pictures of limits, or near-limits, of fish on their websites, and that, going forward, regs for the various bay systems will be affected by such postings.  The irony of these postings is, that some of these operations, have the gall to represent that they offer low volume, high quality experiences.  I understand that America seems to be a high volume culture by nature; however, our fisheries cannot survive the continued practice of high vvolume.  I want to help promote a true high quality approach to fishing for the Texas coast and welcome any and all feedback as to how to accomplish that.  I know that I am guilty of loading the cooler with dead fish in order to secure bragging rights at the cleaning table, weigh-in, dock, or picture-taking location at the end of the day.  However, my experience is that the highest high is actually hooking and landing the fish as opposed to laying out a slew of carcasses for photographs.  THis is a difficult proposition because there are so many new participants in this sport and are going through the “beginner's” cycle (catch any fish, then a limit of fish, next a big fish, next a limit of mostly big fish, and on and on and on).  In the end, it's really about having an enjoyable day on the water with friends, against competitors, or all by your lonesome.  There's not an easy answer to this post, but we need to try and change some mentalities out there.  Let's get going!!!