The Good, The Bad, and the Yea Ha! — May 18, 2012

      Well the title pretty much sums up the last few days. We have gone from tuff days to outstanding days in the same week. Our trout are now staged in their summer patterns, outside edge of grass. Moving up at night onto shallow bars only to retreat as the sun comes up. Pattern is holding daily. Find the bait on shallow bars early and follow it out into to deeper water as the sun comes up.
Top waters have worked very well on days we aren’t getting 40 MPH gusts. When the water sands up we just go to darker tails and keep right on catching.

    Like a broken record: dirty water, darker colors, clearer water, lighter colors. Top water as been absolutely top notch when the wind allows us to fish them all day. But, plastic seems to be more consistent as we continue to fight 40 MPH winds daily.

    Reds continue to curse the shallower bars all day with some outstanding catches coming in. Spoons and top waters have been the go to baits. We continue to catch some really BIG REDS!!!! 30” plus.

    I’m just sitting here waiting on the wind to lie down so I can start my summer time Tarpon chasing. Heard of one being jumped already off the jetties. We just can’t get out there due to 40MPH winds. It should lay any day so watch our photo section for some pictures. We saw a bay the other day in the harbor when they show up there I can assure you their on the beach front. YEA HA!!!!!!

    Remember keep the little ones they eat better and let the big ones go to pass on their genes.