The King Ranch Shoreline

It's salt-stinging sawgrass cuts on ankles and shins. It's where prickly pears and scrub mesquite meet saltwater, and it's where Captain Richard King looked out across the great expanse of yellowed grass to the Gulf of Mexico and said, “this is home.” It's the untamed Nueces Strip of land of Captain Leander McNelly's Ranger Regulars. It's where McNelly and his unruly bunch chased the horse-thieving Garza bandits into gnarled and entwined oak motts. Where a running battle ensued that pushed the bandits back across the Arroyo Colorado to the Rio Grande. It's where speckled trout grow as large as the personalities and myths that perpetuate the Everything's Bigger in Texas mantra. It's the King Ranch shoreline.  [url=]Read the Rest[/url]