The Return of Poppy’s Pink Posse — May 4, 2005

Since my April 26 report, we have fought 30+ mph winds every day.  South Texas in the spring.  We’re so tried of being in 30+ mph winds day after day but the thing that keeps everyone going is the fish.  No other place on the Texas coast can you fish 30 MPH winds and consistently catch good fish.
Needless to say, the high winds have tried to limit our top water fishing but for those who persevere we’re catching fish in 2 foot waves. Just not as fun as light chop but when you get a blowup OH BUDDY what a strike. They knock a hole the size of a concrete block in the water and there’s no need to set the hook: they’re on!

Our patterns have not really changed much the last two weeks, top waters for the purist and soft plastics under a cork for those after numbers, and never forget the Old Gold Spoon for the Red fish.

We’ve been catching fish both north and south with sand pot holes in 2 to 3 foot being the go-to pattern. Trout are in full spawn and easy to pattern in the potholes, reds are bunching up on the sand with scattered grass in 1 to 2 feet of water.

This past weekend we had Capt. Sally and the girls here.  What can I say that I already haven’t?  These girls can finsh.  Poppy’s Pink Posse split their trip between Poppy and me, I don’t know if I could keep up with those girls for two days, just TOO hard core. Highlight of their group was sight casting to a Black Drum close to 50# and having it take the bait.  After a lengthy battle, they realized it would not fit into their landing net resulting in a classic shot of Julie holding it like a baby.  This may be the heaviest fish other than a jack we have caught in the bay.

These girls caught numerous trout and reds on Saturday with Poppy.  He had them in the Pink Posse Hole and they were rewarded with limits of reds and a few trout along with the Big Ugly. Having them on Sunday I was really concerned I couldn’t keep up the standard Poppy set on Saturday. But as I have always said, A GUIDE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE CLIENTS HE HAS ON BOARD.  I shouldn’t have worried because I took them down south and now we have a new hole name: RED FISH HIGHWAY.  One wade they got solid reds 26 to over sized and near limits of 18 to 20 inch trout. I sure like it when that GUIDE STUFF WORKS.

Finally, with a little coaching we have MISS JULIE as deadly with soft plastic as she is with top water.  She also demonstrated how to swim in waders.  She was about 250 yards from me when all of a sudden she dives HEAD FIRST into the 2-foot water.  My first thought was String Ray but as I watched in amazement she continued to swim around.  After a while she stood back up and continued to fish. Well I thought: girls can do some really strange things, so I just waited for her to complete her wade. On her return to the boat the REST OF THE STORY came out. Seems her float on her stringer came off and she was not about to lose her reds. One of the other girls took a video of the circus act and if I can figure out how to down load I’ll post it on our site. SOMETHING TO SEE!!!!!!!!!

Please folks not to preach but keep only what you can eat and release the rest especially those over 22 to 25 inches and above. Get your limits if you want too, then bend your barbs down and HAVE FUN: that’s what it is about! It’s only going to get better.

We have heard our game wardens have already busted an upper Laguna Madre guide with more than his clients 5 fish limit south of Marker 21.  WE ALL ASK WHY?

Get ready the winds are about to slow down, then::::::: starts the beach front battles.  Can’t wait: Tarpon, bull reds and king fish top water action. Just doesn’t get any better than that.