The Weather Channel was Right — May 14, 2007

Lo and behold, the weather men in charge of predicting this week’s weather must have stayed awake in class.  Mother Nature, did indeed, turn off her wind machine and subsequently turned on the fish.  The mud and ‘some’ grass has fallen like the wind sock and created great fishing conditions for tops and tails, alike.  I am hearing Cappy and Poppy’s mantra, which Captain Crunch, ie Steven, has also annoyingly adopted as well, ‘One here, one there’ almost everyday.  Metaphorically speaking in guide talk, means they are on the fish, by the way. 

Trout, and reds, are falling into their respective summer patterns and feeding.  Trout are haunting the edges of the pot holes; while reds have taken resident right in the middle.  The topwater bite is on, and being my preferred method on slinging artificial, seems to be the best option to get some incredibly violent strikes.  I guess I still have the winter flashbacks of the big girls because I swear some of those little 14 inch tide runners are slamming tops just as hard as the fish twice their size mid-winter.  (Selfish segue here and shameless promotional plug here; Winter weekends from December through March are about all filled—better act quick to lock in 2007 rates and make sure you have a chance to land one of the big’uns.  Lots of 10-11 pounders  this year!)

Redfish are happy with my little black and chrome She-Pup.  I had been getting a lot of follows with no takers over the last couple of weeks when just walking the dog; however, I changed the tactics and now when I get to the closest edge of the sand pocket I stop then one quick twitch…like a teenaged boy and his daddies Playboy, just seems to turn them on!

Offshore report reads like a thriller and in a simple couple of words…It’s on.  False Albies are everywhere and the duskies are so prolific the water looks like a huge stain.  Tarpon are still somewhat hit and miss; actually, more miss right now than hit…BUTTTT…man, oh man, is it starting to look right!  I will be hitting the jetties everyday now for the rest of the season so look for some big silver sides on the web soon.

Finally, we are working hard to get a few things done for our environment and the Port Mansfield community.  Look for an official announcement later this week to find out how you can help! Until then, I get to fish tomorrow and the weatherman says 86 degrees SE Winds 10-20 mph and abundant sunshine.  He cannot be right two weeks in a row; Can he?