Folks, I know I sound like a broken record but please think about what this bay was two years ago and what we have now. It’s only going to get better if we respect it.
I have to rant some as to what we saw this past weekend, it was not only me but our guests made the comments as well. They were totally disgusted with the actions of a certain vessel. We watched a boat triple dip. Went out early caught a limit, back in and then out 2 hours later for another limit , then as I am coming back into the harbor out a third time. Don’t worry the Game Wardens were called with a boat description and location. Triple dipping was bad enough but we saw them get a limit and then cull from the ice box dead fish as they caught a larger one. Folks that’s illegal!
I forgot my mobile phone or we could have had them caught, hands down. You can bet that won’t happen again. My mobile phone will be as important to me as a rod and reel from now on!
If you are one of these people SHAME ON YOU! You’re a thief!
If you want as much meat as possible, just only keep 17” and above fish, there’s plenty, no need to keep those 15” then cull dead fish as you catch a bigger one. You are only stealing from those who respect the rules, and taking away from our grand children.
If you see these actions in the future , you do not need to confront the thief’s: all you have to do is get their TX numbers and call the Game Wardens. They will take care of the rest.
Folks lets all respect our bay and go out and have some REAL FUN! Also don’t forget those 15” to 20” trout eat the best.
Thanks for putting up with and OLD FA_T like me, preaching all the time.
IT’S JUST SO MUCH FUN NOW!! I only want to see it get better.