Toledo Bend — August 30, 2010

Can you say fresh water!!!! All I can say is the Lower Laguna Madre looks and tastes like Toledo Bend. No time can I and all that I have spoken with, remember the LLM as fresh as it has been. With the flood way running 1 ½ months full bore we have had a fresh water flush. The bay is now getting back to a salty condition and tides returning to normal.

The last month has been unbelievable the reds we have been on. Reminded me of 10 years ago with 20 guys standing side by side with 8 to 12 hooked up at the same time. That went on  more than a month with us catching and releasing some days 35 to 40 reds per boat. Most were caught on top waters. What can I say but it seemed as if someone was flying by dropping concrete blocks out of an airplane. Just unbelievable blow ups. Sorry but it has slowed down some now but the fishing continues to be above average. Not to be out done we have caught some really outstanding summer time trout. Many in the upper 20 inch range.
Unless the fresh water causes a Big Brown Tide event look for this winter trout catches to be unbelievable. Many of the fish we caught last year in the 8 to 9 pound range will be in the 10 plus range. Poppy and I are walking around foaming at the mouth waiting on the first real cold front to arrive. This may be the year we have been waiting for the last 15. Only time will tell..

Most of our fish have come on top waters, smaller size, red head white body, bone. And clown. Same colors if you want to throw plastics.

Sorry I am not posting as regularly as in the past but we have been extremely busy and I have had Momma Getaway in the hospital twice in the last month. She’s ok just needs to take it a little easier. She is doing fine and has good reports from the doctors.

Now a little commercial: I have some duck hunting dates still open but not many. Our Cast n blast dove hunts are almost 100% booked. I do have a few week days we could take a few smaller groups. We checked last week and our dove prospects are great with lots of birds, both white wings and morning doves.
As always please release the larger trout and keep the smaller to eat, they taste better anyway.