Trout Obesity: Will the Government Put Them on a Diet? — December 14, 2010

With the government obsessed with Obesity will they step in and put our trout on a diet? LOL!!!!!! All the fresh water has our trout suffering with obesity, with 24 to 25 inch trout weighing as much as 5 to 7 pounds. Plenty of bait in our system, shrimp, crabs and small bait fish.

Come on 50 degree water, watch for some REALLY HEAVY WEIGHTS to show up. With our fishery in the shape it is currently, look for unbelievable weights to be posted this year. We are catching lots of trout 5 to 6 pounds with an occasional 8 plus. Now that our water temps are falling the truly big mommas will be the accepted norm.

Fish are in transitional patterns with 70 degree water one day and 55 the next, what a swing. Once we settle in with 60 and below the trout will be very easy to pattern. We continue to catch plenty of 16 to 20 inch skillet fish for our guests. Only caveat to that statement is our winds don’t know which way to blow. One day south at 20 to 30 the next north 30 to 35. With a hard core grind plenty of fish are being caught.

We are varying our baits from top water, to suspending baits and soft plastics. On most days, Poppy and I are staying with suspending baits in bone/chartreuse and gold/black on cloudy days. Colder days are dictating a slower retrieve with warmer days some what faster. As we continue to get our temps into the lower 60’s to 50’s look for the SLOW PATTERN to be the best producer.
Yes, not to leave out the Salt water grass carp. folk’s, reds are plentiful with upper slots everyday.

If you’re after your personal best this is the year on the Lower Laguna Madre, you need to put the time in and I can assure you will not be disappointed.

Duck hunting has been good with our success dictated by cloudy verses clear days. The birds have arrived and are decoying well. As usual most of our bags have been Red Heads, Pintails, Widgeon, Teal, and Smiling Mallards if you want to take them. I will post some photos soon.

Shirley, I and all the Getaway Gang wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. I will post boat Show dates soon, so come out and lets BS about last years fishing and what to expect this year.

Remember keep the little ones and release the Big Mommas for their genetics

Capt. Bruce