Trout, Trout, and Silver King Sightings — May 21,2008

Fishing 12 out of the last 15 days with clients’: Catch and releasing before 10:00 AM, how could it get any better? Just as my previous reports asked:  Are the numbers of 17” to 20” trout we are catching due to the regulation change last Sept. or a seasonal anomaly? For clients wanting to keep trout, we can be done by 9:00 to 10:00 each of the last 14 days! We are holding clients, at 4 of their 5 fish early due to the fact some want to continue catching and releasing, and with this one fish left on their bag limit it could be filled if a fish is hooked too deep to survive. We, of course, fish with the BARBS bent down. It’s nice to know as a guide you can put novice anglers on GOOD SKILLET fish to take home if they so desire. Also for the up and coming angler, they can test and improve their skills knowing we have the numbers necessary to catch fish all day!!!!!  Since we fish a FISHING TRIP, not a limit of trout, our clients are enjoying the pleasure of catching numbers of decent fish, not only trout but if they want to chase reds after they get enough trout we will get after them!

Most of our trout are coming from 3’1/2 feet of water, all on plastics when we have high winds and Top Water when the wind turbines slow down. Most of the fish are coming from the outside edge of the grass lines, colors of choice (Clearer water: light colors, dirty water: darker colors) Light colors include: bone chartreuse, laguna shrimp, cajun pepper, and clear silver flake. Dark colors: nuclear chicken, purple chartreuse, pumpkin chartreuse, and morning glory. Top waters: bone chartreuse, trout pattern, clown and chrome black back. We throw smaller top waters on calm days and larger baits when it is choppy.

My last trip was really outstanding: I had an 79 and 80 year young couple with their 50ish children. Both days they wanted to take some fish home.  So, by 9:30 and 11:30 respectfully, they had their trout.  We continued C&R for the rest of the day.  However, the neat thing was they caught a 27” weighing 6 ½ then turned around and caught a 28” weighing in at 8 lbs even on the Boga.  Pictures to be posted later today. That’s why I love my job–seeing their eyes light up releasing those 2 Big Momma’s. The senior members said they remembered catching those size years ago but not in the last 20 years had they seen trout that size. Please note they live in Flower Bluff!!!!

I was able to sneek out past the jetties the other day: YEP!!! They are there, just could not get them to bite. Next calmer day I should have some pictures!!!!!!!!! With Memorial Day CROWDS coming in two days Momma Getaway is outa here for some down time before we start the summer nonstop operation. As usual we take off Memorial Day weekend, just TOO MANY PEOPLE on the water! Remember if you are local: Scooter has the Willacy County Young Farmers Tournament this weekend. Fun event and proceeds go for a good cause. Please support them. I’ll watch from the sidelines!

If the wind dies down hopefully I’ll have a picture for you of our first ____ of the year.