Two Aggies and a Car Salesman –February 11, 2007

I had the pleasure of guiding three young men on a Trophy Trout saga! I must say these three young men spent the last 3 days grinding in hopes of their personal best trout. Friday morning leaving the Harbor it was difficult to control their enthusiasm as we had ICECREAM conditions, overcast, and light drizzle and ZERO WIND! I felt the lack of ripple on the water could make our stalk somewhat challenging, but low and behold our first wade the fish gods shined on us. With zero wind and NO ripple on the weather we still managed to sneak up on a number of trout. Only problem, they were all 15” to 18” skillet fish. These guys were on a mission and this was a Catch and Release trip for them. Two of us were fishing with suspending baits and two opted for top water. With the lack of ripple on the water I could see immediately they were over powering the top water and moving WAY TOO FAST! Myself and the other fishing suspending baits were into these smaller trout and enjoying the action. Seeing the lack of action for the top water crew I did a little coaching and explained with the lack of ripple they needed to SLOWWWWWW their retrieve down to just a twitch, stop for a count of 3 to 5 then twitch again. Well it didn’t take them long and they too were into the fish. About midday the wind can in but only 5 to 10 mph. With this new ripple on the water and lack of better trout in our first spot we moved.

Twenty yards into our next wade one of the gents catches and releases a nice 24” and another in the 23”. Things were looking up!
Explain to me when there are 10 to 15 boats leave the harbor how can 2 find you and then BOOK END you. After we released our third trout ,one boat pulls in 50 yards behind us and anchors. Then another pulls in front of us less than 100 yards and commences to drift across our wade line. Well you can image I just waded back to the boat and moved to another spot. We may not have the traffic the rest of the coast does BUT I can assure we have rudest boat drivers in the world. With things as quite as they were you just can’t drift and bang around in the boat and expect to catch BIG TROUT!

On arrival at our next spot the bait started to move so I knew it was about to start. Hopefully the fish we left would satisfy the Pot Lickers, and they would not follow us. Within 20 yards of the boat Chris bows up and I knew he was on the one we wanted. After getting the boga on her and a number of photos Chris exclaimed she was his best to date. Tipping the scales at 6 ½# we high fived and continued on. Minutes later I felt the tap and on the hook set knew I too was on a good trout. After a few photos and weighing her on my boga at 7 ½# we released her. At this point our top water crew changes to tails. Did not take them long and they were into the reds in with the better trout we had caught. Seems everyone was happy so far. Then Chris bows up and yells YEA HA, he was back on a good trout. Photos and weight she was released as well. This fish was again Chris’s NEW PERSONAL BEST 7 ¼# Two personal best in the same day, you can be assured I sure like it when that guide stuff works.

Day two to follow Wed. on my return from AUSTIN:

[b]STAY TUNED. [/b]

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