Two fists of Dog Food & Koi Pond? — May 28th, 2007

That’s right; I could not find fish with two fists of dog food in a koi pond!  I used top water, black & chrome, red & white, bone, yellow, pink; I used Gulp! New penny, lime tiger, chartreuse, glow shrimp, molting, natural.  I fished the Pipeline, Ashley’s, Wags, the north east flats, the East Cut, 25’s, Josephine’s,  Parker’s (found fish there but will tell the story in a bit), and the south spoils.  So in that vein, the weeks fishing report is for your mere reading entertainment—not a how to on where to find trophy trout or tailing reds!

However, before I launch into a self imposed, yet undeserved, pitied diatribe, I would like to recognize the spirit of today and what I really think should be an entire week.  I would like for you to all sit at your keyboards for a second and think about the men and women of our armed forces of the past, and more specifically the present, and thank them for their sacrifices.  Although there is an increasing amount of split amongst our population about the validity of Bush’s war, I think we can all agree the troops are heroes in every since of the word and doing a great job.  Thank a veteran this week!  Darrin, thanks!

Now, back to the fishing!

When I left for the FFF Gulf Coast Conclave on Thursday I was well on the fish.  On my return Monday, I still had a small bead on the guys but was trying to find areas I could fish a fly fisherman and a drifter.  We caught a few fish and put drifting Bob on a 27 inch red. Actually the red he caught—first redfish ever! Good job Bob. 

Now, for my Parker’s story.  One of the best boats ever made was the 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk.  I would trust the vessel, if it had the fuel capacity, to go 100 miles offshore.  However, she is not really made for the shallow draft waters of the lower Laguna Madre.  With a draft of roughly 10-12 inches and requiring a long shaft lower unit, why would one, and this is funny, decide they can go into a back lake with an average depth of 12 inches and, here’s the funny part, anchor off?  I had two of the nicest brothers one could meet going after their first saltwater fish on fly.  After chasing a few birds and working on casts, we finally spotted a pod of roughly 15 fish tailing along a mangrove shoreline.  We poled up as close as we could and I eased the anchor overboard as we slid out of the boat.  As both brothers started to strip out and I guided them to the perfect casting lane, whhhhaaaaaaa, whhhhhhhhahaaaaaaaa!  The most irritating and oddest noise I have ever heard penetrated the silence of the back lake. Lo and behold, as the fish sounded and the birds scattered, I turned to see the aforementioned BW doing donuts and throwing a plume of black mud 20 feet in the air…and here is where you realize the pure mental genius of this guy…into a 30 mile an hour tail wind.  As mud and black motor fumes poured back over the transom, and our fish lost mind you, the guy finally stopped, soaked and muddy, and they all filed out the boat to push it out of its new mooring.  With the lost fish though, we found something even more so not entirely to our liking; a cratering barometer and a rising cloud mass.  As the storm hit, with subtle 40 Mile an hour winds and 76 mile an hour gusts, we made our way home like a lost group of sailors wary for the old home port. 

Moral of the little Parker Story: just because you can run your boat into an area does not mean you should, or can, shut her down.

With all that said, the storms added some fresh water.  So, look for areas of fresh water flow off the shoreline and work down current of the flow.  Trout should be working the areas hard and a top water should be the name of the game.  Black & Chrome is my choice…but you read the report!  As afternoon and the waters warm, start looking for trout on the outside edges of the grass in mid-stomach to chest deep water.  We are still seeing a few trophy trout but they are few and far between this time of year…too busy making little trout!

Reds are predictable and spoons, man I should have thrown one of those, can always fool a few of the singled spotted ones.  Top waters early are a blast and once again I prefer my black & chrome she-pup.  Also, for you sight-casters, look for the birds.

Finally, our world class red snapper fishery is back on line and tarpon are migrating through now with regularity.  I should start hammering the bigger guys with fly this week and will keep you posted.

Until next time, give back what you take, and watch a sunrise with someone you love!