Shirley and I want to thank all who have called and the many prayers. It has been a test of our fortiude the last few days. The power is now back on, so we can dry out the interior and get started with interior repairs. If all goes well we should be up and operational Labor Day weekend, IF, we can get our insurance carrier to agree on repiars and costs incurred. That is another train wreck we have to deal with!
I do want to personally thank:
Larry Gerdes
Mitch Richmond
Paul Johnson
Lamar Lawson
Scott Walton and the boys for their much needed assistance during this unbeliviable time. Scott there is no way we could have gotten to this point without you and the others. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Also I want to thank those with reservations we had to reschedule, THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDIING.
Well off to pickup materials. All this makes me remember why I got out of the CONTRACTING BUSINESS ten years ago!!!!!!!!!

Many Thanks
Bruce and Shirley Shuler