War & Peace — April 11, 2007

Man, what can transpire in 3 weeks!  Critics say it took Tolstoy 4 years to write his epic novel, regarded as one of the worlds all time greatest reads.  I feel like we have lived all four of those years and the plot twists within the last three weeks.

First, we had an epic trophy trout season this year capped off with one of the best two days of trout fishing I have ever experienced and a major conservation victory (more on this later).  From December to March, we finished the season with 5 fish over 10 Pounds, 3 over eleven, and a ton over 7.  The trophy trout season peaked in mid March on a Wednesday/Thursday.  Cappy (dad), Poppy (teddy), and I were on the water fishing seperate charters and absolutely slayed the fish with over 30 fish between 6 to 8 pounds, 3 between 9-10 and one 11 pounder  (Every single one caught and released) all on a day the weatherman was reporting to be 90 and sunny which in fact ended up being overcast and 65.  Check out our photos page to see these girls!  I will be building a trophy trout page dedicated to the Girls Gone Wild very soon.  Book NOW for next January, February, and March trophy trout.  We are no longer taking our Mid winter break…the lodge is officially year round and if you want your personal best trout….don't even look anywhere else!

After that paragraph, let me just say, Mother Nature turned on the wind switch.  We woke up the next friday Morning to 35 mile an hour winds and she has only abated over the last three days after this powerful cold front.  Which ushered in my favorite little friends for this time of year, the poding reds!  I have personally ciaght some of the largest reds I have ever seen for this time of year… a 32 and 30 podding in knee deep water.  Birds are working early and late and you just have to know where to go in between to find the fish.  Chartruese flies and rootbeer near to nothings are working best for all fish deep our shallow.  The best resuts for trout, in my opinion, are finding rip currents and working the edges of the current line.

Ladyfish, tons of bait, and bonito are here.  Last year was a dismal tarpon season but we also did not have the ladys in last year.  With the ladyfish in so early, I am looking for a phenomenal Tarpon season–already seen a few in the tarpon holes!  Offshore is going to be spot on this year.  We should be recieving a new boat this season to take over the Ugly Duckling!  Book now though we have very few dates open from Mid-May to October.

Finally, thanks to your efforts and support, we realized Texas Coastal Regionalization!  Starting September 1, 2007, from Marker 21 in the Land Cut, to the Bases of the PM and BC Jetties, and including the Arroyo and Brownsville Ship Channel the Speckled Trout [color=red][b]POSSESSION[/b][/color] will be 5 fish only.  You wanted it and we got it!  Look for our trophy fishery to return in full force and our mid class fishery to be phenomenal in the next two to three years!  Thanks again for your support and action!

Till next week…I get to fish everyday…do you?   Book now!