First Shirley and I want everyone on the upper coast, Louisiana, and east Texas to know we send our prayers for a speedy recovery. We only know too well what they are going thru. Well after TWO MONTHS we are back in business. Yes!! Momma Getaway has done some redecorating and furniture changing! Effective Monday 22 Sept. 2008 we look forward to getting rescheduled those whom we had to postpone due to Hurricane Dolly damages. We will be contacting you ASAP to rebook dates.
What little time I have spent on the water the last two months reflect an improved fishery. Myself and all our guide staff expect the best fishing we have seen in the last 5 to 10 years due the flushing we got from Dolly. We will be posting some photos of trips taken just before Dolly. I just have not had the heart to post fishing photos or reports until we had our facility back into working order.
Again Shirley and I do appreciate all the prayers and understanding everyone has extended to us. NOW LETS GO FISHING AND SHOOT SOME BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!